Ezzi, Alex, Stephen och en mage

Ezzi & Alex’s growing family

Ezzi and Alex are expecting their first child together, but wanted to get some shots of their growing family before the new kiddo came into the world. (If you’re curious, check out their wedding here) So on a cold but sunny day we headed to the beach to get some happy family shots of Ezzi, Alex, Stephen and that amazingly gorgeous baby bump!

Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-07 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-14 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-11 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-12 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-03 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-10 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-05 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-09 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-06 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-04 Ezzi-Alex-Quirky-Fun-Family-Photos-08

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